Laura is not only my beautiful sister-in-law, but she was my doula in April 2020 at Gold Coast Private Hospital for my VBAC. I’m so grateful that I had her support before and during the birth of my baby girl. I felt completely supported by her during my labour and she offered words of encouragement as well as provided massage and physical support, suggested different labour positions, and made sure I stayed hydrated. She worked perfectly alongside my OB and midwives and had a great rapport with all of them. She listened to their advice and also offered suggestions for me to consider which was fantastic because I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to ask while in labour. I felt that Laura listened to me and supported me in all my decisions and helped to make my birth a beautiful and positive experience.

I cannot recommend enough the positive effect of having a doula by your side during labour. Meeting your baby is such an incredible event and I know that Laura will help you to achieve the birth you’re after by giving you the support, encouragement and positive attitude that you need no matter how your birth unfolds.

I had the pleasure to have Laura as a friend and a doula during my pregnancy and birth. She is one of the reasons I shifted my view on birth and was able to achieve a natural water birth with my son Luca. Laura has a warm and kind soul that knows how to support when needed and when to step back and listen. I am forever grateful to her for all the support and love she has given me during the most extraordinary event of my life, and she will forever be a part of my family.

Laura is an incredible person and an even more incredible doula. I was so lucky to have her support me through my pregnancy and homebirth with my first baby and I will be forever grateful I chose to have her as my doula. She is so supportive, knowledgeable and passionate. As a mum of 2 herself she has a wealth of wisdom to share. Through my labour she was by my side, squeezing my hips, holding a bowl for me to throw up, getting me to drink and eat to keep my energy up and so much more. I felt so supported and held. My husband also found her presence at the birth to be helpful and reassuring and he has said many times since how grateful he was to have her there.

Her postpartum support was essential. We didn’t have any family support in the early postpartum as my family lives abroad and my husband’s parents both had viruses, so Laura’s help around the house and with the baby and through my early breastfeeding struggles was essential. If you are considering hiring Laura as your doula, don’t hesitate! She is incredible and will add so much to your birth experience.